ABOUT US Czechin Vacation Homes Rental LLC

From steward to property managing business : )

Dubai investment environment

Renting in Dubai is one of the most lucrative trends ever. People are constantly moving, trying new, better or cheaper locations, which are constantly expanding here. And of course a lot of tourists who visit UAE every year (up to 15.5 million).

For the owner, this can mean up to 20% rental income p.a.

My friends are also grateful for the fact that they do not have to take the property only as an apartment to go twice a year, but also as a very good investment that will cover their overstay vacation and gradually also the initial investment in the property.

And that’s why I also decided to approach and offer this opportunity to you to BUY, RENT or INVEST in real estate in Dubai with a subsequent management and to you who are looking for the right investment opportunity and get the most out of it.

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Why real estate?

I will not bore you with my detailed explanation of life when I traveled the world thanks to work, from left to right and from top to bottom, lived in top hotels, got to know many cultures and cultural differences, met famous people I could ever dream of :), and especially also the gastronomy that I love and I always try to taste everything that is most traditional in the visited country.

I also got to know the standard of living and was able to compare how people live in America and Europe, India and the Philippines, South America and Africa, etc. This experience also led me to focus on the opportunities that the new background provides me and how I would further use or even evaluate it.

As in most of the world, investing in real estate is one of the most widespread and certain investments. Being in one of the fastest growing countries in the world UAE, it was a clear choice to become marginally interested in the real estate world. In addition, it was a great opportunity and occasional side income for my main job. Only a marginal thing has suddenly become a very interesting and, in addition, quite profitable activity in recent years. It started with the offer and sale of apartments to my friends as usual. And not only that, after the sale, I also focused on the management of these apartments.

At twenty in the world

My dream was always to travel the world and I gradually started to make it real this dream.

At just mine 20ties, I moved to Australia, where I lived for 2 years, then returned home to the Czech Republic and after 3 years I found out that this is not the place for me yet.

In 2012, I joined Emirates, an airline based in Dubai as a steward, and the ride has just begun. Of course in a good way :).

After 9 years of work and a wonderful life experience at Emirates, my journey with the Coronavirus crisis has come to an end. The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) has become my second home after the Czech Republic being my homeland.

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