WHY DUBAI? Your investment in the great environment

Of course, we all know Dubai as a shiny modern city, gigantic and eccentric buildings on which not a single architect fulfilled and discarded his vision and idea of what his future should look like.

Dubai is not just skyscrapers

I must point out that in the 9 years that I have lived in UAE, it is not just those high-rise buildings and biggest shopping malls, where you say in 5 days we have nothing to do. You would be surprised, but you will also find likes for nature lovers, safaris, hikers in the mountains, endless and beautiful sunsets on empty beaches, etc ..

Did you know that the highest mountain of UAE measures 1,934m? Its name is Jebel Jais and you can do countless hikes around. Even, from the top you can go down on the longest ZIP LINE in the world, which measures 2,832 m and can reach speeds of up to 150 km / h.

Millions of birds of various species, from small to large, migrate from the North to the South and vice versa every year through UAE. They are looking for the best conditions so that they can eat, reproduce and raise their young for another challenging journey. And that’s what the Emirates give them. In Dubai, you can very often see flocks of Cormorants or Flamingos looking for food in the created swamps around the highway :).


Entertainment and restaurants

Dubai is called the “New York” of the Middle East. Please don’t take it that jazz has laid its foundation here. Dubai recently built up its name when it began to adapt to the outside world and the expects that moved here for a new life. Here you can go to some of the best restaurants in the world, but also to simple, cheap and as delicious as the most expensive.

Party? The chapter itself. Everyone will find their own cup of tea here. Clubs, Bars, Rooftop bars, Lounges, Beach clubs with day and night life, Opera full of world performances, Cirque Du Soleil – circus performances full of acrobatic stunts without security and more.

Dubai and family

Do you have a family? There are over 20 theme parks, from water worlds to global attractions full of roller coasters, Marvel and Hollywood characters, laser parks and more. Believe that adults will be amazed at the same time as their children and experience a wonderful time.

In Dubai, I am very comfortable and enjoy diversity of all kinds. There is activities for families with children, couples, single travelers or businessmen. Dubai has gastronomy from all around the world. You can have food in various parts of Dubai from 5 dirhams (30 CZK) to dizzying amounts of thousands of dirhams, where some of the best chefs in the world cook for you (Nusr-Et, Ce La Vi, Zuma, Nobu….).


Why invest for environment or fun?

You can rarely get bored here.

If you do not choose a trip to the nature, you will go at least to the beach where you can roll for days.